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testosterone supplement

Herbal Testosterone Supplement
for Muscle Building
And Herbal Male Sexual Supplement

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Our company's purpose is to provide you with high quality, completely natural, performance enhancing supplements at the best price.

Our popular supplement Andro-Shock naturally increases the bodies own testosterone which causes the body to become stronger, more muscular and increased sexual desire and performance.

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Why Use Our Herbal Alternative?

Anabolic steroids introduce foreign testosterone into the body (many steroids are administered by self-injection).  These products introduce potentially harmful testosterone into the body.  By introducing excess foreign testosterone, the body will counter it with increasing its production of estrogen.  Once a cycle of Steroids ends, the body has put its production of estrogen on high and ceased its own production of testosterone.  This will cause an increase of fatty tissue under the nipples in men. These breast like formation are the bane of any bodybuilder or athlete.

Andro-Shock is our premium sports supplement that may help produce lean muscle gains, while not harming the body like steroids can may.

Andro-Shock does not introduce foreign testosterone. Instead, our herbal combination coaxes the body into producing more of it's own testosterone, which may aide in an athlete's goals.  This product can be used alone for gaining muscle, or it can be used with a reduced calorie dait and herbal fat burner pill to shed off fat, quickly and efficiently with little or no loss in muscle mass.  Because it increases your own body's testosterone production it will not cause your body to shut down normal testosterone production like steroids will.

Andro Banned

Senate Bill 2195 also called the Andro Ban was passed by unanimous consent in the United States Senate on October 8th, 2004 and has been signed into law by President Bush.

By passing this bill, the Congress has amended the Controlled Substances Act to include virtually all of these supplements. The Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1990 and at that time all steroids were classifed as "Schedule III" substances and were put in the same category as heroin, cocaine and other similar narcotics. Now, with the passage of Senate Bill 2195, they have added andro supplements and prohormones to the Controlled Substances Act.

New Legal Andro-Genic Supplement Testosterone Boosting Stack

New formula may be even more powerfull then Andro, yet even safer. Our New Andro-Shock is an Androgenic Forumla Testosterone Booster that contains no illegal ingredients.

Andro Shock may be the most potent legal testosterone support stack sold as a safe alternative to steroids with 10 dietary supplement ingredients that are believed to help boost your body's own natural testosterone levels.

The total benefits of the Andro Shock supplement are synergistic, meaning when certain supplements are combined, their overall net effects may be enhanced.

What's In It?

Each serving contains:

100 mg. Tongkat Ali (Long Jack), 100 mg. DHEA, 30 mg. Zinc Sulphate, 200 mg. Saw Palmetto, 150 mg. Chrysin, 350 mg. Tribulus Terrestris, 100 mg Avena Sativa, 250 mg. Muira Puma, 300 mg. Nettle Extract and 30mg. Betasistosterol.

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules 1 or 2 times a day, or as directed by your qualified health consultant.

Who Should NOT Take It?

Not for use by anyone under the age of 21, women, or men with prostate disease. If you are taking any prescription medication or are under medical care for any disease, please consult your physician before taking this product.

* If you live outside the U.S. check to see if these products are legal in your country.


Andro Shock 90 Capsules

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And if you order now, you'll get the special report, "How To Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally". Shows you how to train, diet, etc. to support maximum testosterone levels, a $20 value, absolutely FREE!

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This information presented is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (U.S.). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. Please consult with your own physician or health care practitioner regarding any suggestions and recommendations made.