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Fat Burning Workout for Men's Health

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Fat Burning Workout Men's Health

Before we look at workouts that will help you burn fat, let's understand a few important points:

  • Burning fat does not necessarily mean losing weight. In fact if you increase muscle in your efforts to burn fat you may actually increase your weight (which is not necessarily a bad thing).
  • Eating less does not necessarily help you lose weight. In fact eating more (smaller doses more often), along with the right exercise program, can help you lose weight. Clearly, the food types you eat, and when you eat each food type, are important.
  • Different body types store fat in different parts of the body – legs, bottom, waist, chest, even arms and neck – and weight will go on and come off each part at different rates. Resistance exercises targeting a particular part of the body might be needed in addition to fat burning to get the desired result. 

With that in mind, what are some ways you can burn off some of that fat?

The general consensus is that the most effective way of burning fat is to undertake aerobic workouts, while at the same time having a balanced diet and not overeating.

Diet: The workouts you are going to do to burn fat will have a greater impact if you reduce your fat intake at the same time. However, many studies have shown that you need to eat well, not just less, so it's important to have a balanced diet. Some very obvious things to do with your diet include lowering the amount of actual fat you eat (fatty meats and dairy products like butter, full cream milk and full cream cheese) and the amount of sugar (which turns into fat if not burned up by the body). There is also evidence that eating smaller amounts more often helps your body keep its metabolism at a higher level for longer periods (versus big spikes).

Workouts to burn fat – aerobic: Aerobic exercises are those where the exercise is relatively long in duration but low in intensity, allowing the body to continuously replace the oxygen it is burning. Exercises that involve low-intensity activity that improve the oxygen consumption of the body include walking, jogging, swimming and bike riding. When your body starts using more and more oxygen, as it does with these relatively long exercise types, the body functions increase and this accelerates the fat burning process.

But don't limit yourself to walking, jogging, swimming or bike riding. Many people don't like some of these exercise types, or don't have access to the right equipment or facilities. If so, try dancing, skipping rope or the traditional step aerobic exercise routines that we all used to see on TV all the time. Even try outdoor activities like rock climbing or surfing.

Exercising to burn fat is not only good for your physical health (make sure you are in good shape if you don't have life insurance or income protection), but it's also good for your mental health. Be more relaxed, less stressed and generally happier!

Note: This information is provided as a guide only. Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise programs.

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Fat Burning Workout Men's Health

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