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There is no doubt that men want to fit and healthy, and that they try to take care of themselves by watching what they eat, getting regular, and trying to minimize and manage any stress in their lives. Many men however, are unaware that they can also take care of their sexual health to prevent problems before they occur.

Here are some tips to maintain a good level of sexual health.

Exercise Regularly – Men who do not exercise regularly may soon find themselves with sexual problems.  By exercising you will be taking an active role in maintaining your sexual health.  Check with your physician, and then start a program of regular exercise. It doesn’t matter what sort of exercise you undertake, the important thing is to just get moving. Find something that you enjoy. Always consult your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to undertake the exercise of your choice.

Stop smoking – Many doctors agree that smoking can be a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men.  Studies have found that a major of men who suffer from erection dysfunction are smokers, and that smoking can also reduce sperm count and quality.  Smoking damages the small arteries that feed blood to the penis, making it difficult at times to maintain an erection.

Reduce alcohol intake – Alcohol is certainly a part of everyday life, and although you may enjoy the feeling it gives and the pleasurable social aspects, excessive use can affect your sexual health. Alcohol may give you more confidence and feel more attractive but it lowers your inhibitions, reduces libido, causes erection dysfunction, and often times impairs the ability to have an orgasm.

Be financially protected – Lack of financial resources is a sexual health issue arises can ultimately lead to more stress and exasperating the problem.

Manage stress levels – Stress can leave you feeling drained and uptight, and can also lead to sexual problems as well.  Do not allow stress to control your life or your life will soon feel as if it is out of control.  Learn stress management techniques, as this will help you maintain your sexual health.

Use lubricants – As men grow older, they often experience a gradual loss of sensitivity in their penis.  Lubricants can help men with this problem to gain a freer range of motion, and increase sexual enjoyment.

Have a yearly check-up with your doctor – Generally men do not like going to the doctor, but if you want to maintain your overall health and well-being, you need make sure that you have a checkup with a qualified medical practitioner at least once a year.

Maintain a positive attitude – Perhaps one of the most important tips is to maintain a positive attitude. The power of the mind is incredible. Medical studies prove that men who have a positive attitude towards life generally also enjoy a problem free sex life as well.  So keep positive and really, really enjoy the benefits!   

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Men's Sexual Health

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