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Men's Yoga Exercises

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In general, men are more hesitant to start practicing yoga than women. However, when they realize its great benefits than ordinary exercises can bring, they soon include yoga into their daily exercise routines. Yoga is simple yet extremely effective because it has no side effects and won't make men anorexic or very slim. It is recommended for weight reduction since the deep breathing in yoga increases the oxygen ingestion to the cells of the body, including the fat cells which burn because of oxygen. In addition, the combination of serious stretching and proper breathing techniques in yoga, leads to relaxation, calming of mind and stress reducer.

It is beneficial because feeling inferior and stress are some of the mental uneasiness caused by obesity. Being fat has always been a big issue for people as it causes various physical and mental discomforts. Thatís why effective planning and implementation of plans to lose weight through yoga is a must to earn back all those comforts.

Big hips are the most common problems and thatís the reason why Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon pose is advisable since this is the type of yoga which is concentrating in the hips. As a matter of fact, it is very effective exercise to reduce hips. All you have to do is to step one foot backwards and point the other forward. Second, open your hip after moving back foot outwards. Next, bend your front leg, and place your hand on the yoga mat. Above all, place it diagonally out for simpler pose. To practice Ardha Chandrasana more, place it directly in front of the foot, a bit challenging but surely effective. Last is, rotate the elevated hip to open it. Try to practice aligning the hips in a vertical position because this will get you flexible and hamstrings. Keep in mind that yoga is not like running that needs a high intensity to make you sweat just to lose weight. It is a moderate method that tones your body by stretching and breathing mechanisms.

If you are looking yoga for weight loss for very fast results, then it is not for you. Yoga though ancient proves to be more effective than ever. It does not only sooths minds that most of us know but instead it can remarkably reduce weight. All you need to do is to practice the synchronized combination of the stretching and proper breathing. You not only back into shape but you will have a healthy body and mind. Happy Yoga!

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Men's Yoga Exercises

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