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Fitness for men over 40

Fitness is the key for long life. However ageing brings along weakness in the body organs and muscles! As and when one grows old the efficiency of the body functions like renal function, nervous system etc gets impacted. Men generally work in stringent schedules and under great stress in todayís time. At times we tend to skip meals to accomplish the tasks to be completed. Sleeping and eating habits have a great impact on the body. A fit routine where in one gets up early and does a warm up for 20 minutes would have a better stamina then the one who do not exercise at all. Then the next important aspect is the intake of required nutrients on regular basis. Empty stomach has a negative impact on the metabolism. Men at 40 should ensure to keep the body fit as at this age itís more prone to get unwell and catch diseases.

††††††††††† However there are certain facts that if one would keep in mind he can over come all such fitness problems. First and the foremost itís important to have proper diet. High protein diet keeps the body organs and muscles intact. This will keep the stamina up through out. Due to packed schedules men tend to skip meals and then later hog on to fast food with lot of cheese and bread. All this junk food disturbs the digestive system and at the same time does not add any value to body. Just increase the fat which is not good if gets added in a higher ratio. Vegetarians can take green vegetables and milk in the diet for a protein diet. Non vegetarians can fulfill proteins through fish and chicken meat.

††††††††††† Obesity diets are available for men at 40 to control their weight especially at the growing age. With growing weight one tends to loose the focus and overall body efficiency also gets disturbed. It basically concentrates on a heavy breakfast with appropriate nutrients, lighter lunch and even lighter dinner. Breakfast has to be adequate as you would need to provide required input to the body to get the desired output. Men tend to miss the breakfast and compensate it with a cheese sandwich which is not appreciated for a growing age. Lunch should be lighter because you would be still working and body would need a source of energy. However in the dinner a bowl of cornflakes with milk or a fruit platter is good enough.

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Over 40 Fitness for Men

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