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One of the biggest issues in menís health today is prostrate cancer. However, one of your biggest chances of beating the disease is to get checked regularly.

Regular cancer check-ups will help your medical practitioner give you the best opportunity of surviving the disease. Without a doubt, your chances for a cure are greatest when the disease is discovered and isolated at the early stages.

Regular cancer screening tests are medical exams done when you feel fit and healthy, and you donít have any signs of illness. Depending on your age, your doctor can screen you for prostate, colorectal and skin cancer. The recommended commencement of screening for prostrate cancer is 40 years of age, but naturally this can commence prior to this. See you doctor if you are worried in any way, if feel you just want a checkup to make sure all is satisfactory.

Donít wait for signs of illness to show-up

Importantly, there is no need to wait, or think you donít need to get tested because your body is working, as it should. In its earliest stages cancer usually has no definitive signs. Symptoms may only appear after the disease is further along.

Get your prostate checked

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Finding and treating it early can lead to cure and fewer side effects. The two exams doctors use to test for prostate cancer are the prostate specific antigen, or PSA, blood test and the digital rectal exam.

During a rectal exam, the doctor inserts a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum to feel if the prostate gland is enlarged. The PSA test is a simple blood test that measures the amount of prostate specific antigen in a manís bloodstream. This antigen is a protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. This measurement, along with the rectal exam and other factors, helps your doctor determine if you have prostate cancer.

Reviewing your PSA test results over the past four or more years Ė instead of looking only at a one-time score Ė can greatly help you and your doctor to determine if you are at increased risk for the disease. Itís helpful to use the same doctor each year, so your test results are in the same place. If you go to different doctors, get your test results together so your current doctor can compare results with previous years.

It goes without saying that with the high percentage of population to cancer ratio that you need to be adequately covered by your insurance for the eventuation of cancer. You would certainly need to make sure prior to any cancer being detected that you are indeed covered. There would be nothing worse than having to deal with a life threatening health issue, only to discover that you are also dealing with a financial crisis.

All in all, menís health issues need to correlate to your current financial health as well. If you are concerned you may have health issues, certainly consult your doctor, but also make sure you are covered in the event of illness.

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Men's Health Issues

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